Interviews and Guest Posts

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Guest Posts:

Why a once-agented author went Indie: 10/1/12 at SM Boyce

Soundtrack for Isobel Key: 10/4/12 at Place of Reads

My Top Ten Favorite Books: 11/25/12 at Winged Reviews

My Top Ten Favorite Authors: 11/25/12 at For the Love of Film and Novels

The Isobel Key Drink Menu: 11/30/12 at Lovely Reads

Guest post at Kimmie’s Bookshelf: 12/11/12

My Writing Schedule: 12/17/12 at Reader Girls

Where I Write: 12/22/12 at Book Lovin’ Mamas

How I Learned to Love Scotland: 1/9/13 at Sophie Moss Writes

Make ’em Laugh: Finding the Fun in Writing: 2/9/13 at S.M. Boyce

Why it’s fun NOT to write HEA: at Book Goodies

Writing Conference Junkie: 6/28/13 at A Writer’s Bucket List

I Read Banned Books: 9/12/13 at E. Kristin Anderson

Where I Get My Ideas: 9/23/13 at Vanessa Barger

Dear Teen Me: 9/30/13 at Dear Teen Me

The Power of Paranormal: 10/4/13 at Write Away Bliss

From Brightfish Press to Bloomsbury Spark: 10/27/13 at Gothic Angel Book Reviews

Top Five Travel Tips: 11/12/13 at Bookaholic-ness

My Favorite Scottish Moments: 11/13/13 at SCWW

Top Five Spots I Missed in Scotland: 11/14/13 at My Seryniti 

My First NaNoWriMo: 11/17/13 at Paulette’s Papers

What’s in a Name: 11/25/13 at What’s Beyond Forks?

When No Doesn’t Always Mean No: 11/28/13 at Genuine Jenn

What Influences Me: 12/1/13 at Celtic Lady’s Reviews

The Burning Times: 12/5/13 at Hooked in a Book

Birth of a Novel: 12/19/13 at Marie Loves Books

Top Ten Favorite Witchy Films and Shows: 1/8/14 at Fiction_The New Reality

Top Five Favorite Scottish Actors: 1/22/14 at Charity’s Writing Journey

My Life When I’m Not Writing: 1/27/14 at Emma Michaels

Five Things I’d Give my MC for Her Birthday: 1/29/14 at Mom With a Kindle

Top Ten Fun Facts about Scotland: 1/29/14 at Creating Serenity

My Journey into the World of Books: 12/31/14 at Butterfly-O-Meter

Odd Jobs: 2/3/14 at RealityLapse

Life After Book Deal: 2/18/14 at Unicorn Bell

Why Witches? 3/13/14 at The Bookshelf Sophisticate

Ten Tips for Becoming a Better Writer: 3/27/14 at A Book Addict’s Bookshelves

Five Things I Wish I Knew About Publishing Before I was Published: 3/28/14 at We Do Write

All About Darlena: 4/1/14 at Addicted Readers

DAUGHTER OF CHAOS-inspired Meal: 4/10/14 at Love & Life & Learning

My First Time: 4/24/14 at Like a Virgin Pitch Contest

The Hardest Part: 5/14/14 at Bull Spec

Getting Ready for BEA: 5/27/14 at Armchair BEA

What’s my Theme Song? 6/26/14 at ATWN

My First New Age Store Experience: 7/15/14 at Soul Intent Arts

My First Book Signing: 8/19/14 at Fiction Freak

Magic in Darlena’s World: 10/31/14 at A Dream Within a Dream

Retelling Myths and Fairy Tales: Why Bother? 11/3/14 at

Throwback Thursday: Five Favorite Reads 2/12/15 at The YA Club

Love and Chaos: 4/2/15 at Fresh Fiction

Writing the Sequel: 4/4/15 at Whatever You Can Betray

A Note to Readers from Darlena: 4/5/15 at WS Momma Readers Nook

Character Profile: 4/6/15 at Addicted Readers

Characters Who Bleed: 4/8/15 at A Book Addict’s Bookshelves

Tips for Aspiring Authors: 4/10/15 at We Do Write

From Idea to Series: Adventures Abroad 4/27/15 at Writers & Artists

Love is Blind…or is it? 5/3/15 at My Crazy Corner

Getting my Inspiration “Somewhere Else” 6/3/15 at BOTBWR

Yoga for Writing 8/5/15 at BOTBWR


8/12/12 at Aoibheal’s Lair

9/11/12 at Ally Malinenko

9/29/12 at Whimsically Yours

10/1/12 at Cindy Young-Turner

10/1/12 at BestsellerBound Recommends

10/1/12 at Creatively Green

10/3/12 at Celebrating Authors

11/23/12 at Gothic Angel Book Reviews

11/23/12 at Reading Addiction

12/14/12 at What’s Beyond Forks?

1/4/13 at Free Book Dude

1/6/13 at All Kinds of Writing

3/5/13 at Sharon Buchbinder

3/9/13 at Read 2 Review

3/29/13 at Vanessa Barger

3/29/13 at The Pepper Press

9/27/13 at NCWN’s 13 for ’13

10/4/13 at Write Away Bliss: Paranormal Palooza

10/24/13 at Hanging On To Wonder

11/8/13 at UtopYACon

11/13/13 at Bless Their Hearts Mom

12/6/13 at Left to Write

12/18/13 at Pat Esden-Mythmaker

12/18/13 at The Madeleine Project

12/19/13 at Mary Crockett

12/19/13 at The Daily Dahlia

12/24/13 at Susan Bishop Crispell

12/30/13 at The Escapist

Q&A at Red Wheel/Weiser Books

1/17/14 at Felicia Tatum

2/7/14 at Turning Pages

2/21/14 at Fizz of Ideas: Janet Boyer

3/22/14 at Supernatural Girlz (audio)

3/24/14 at I Am A Reader

3/25 at A Book and A Latte

3/26 at My Next Life

3/26 at Charlotte Geeks

3/26 at Jessica Spotswood

4/1/14 at A Dream Within a Dream

4/3/14 at Mostly Reviews

4/8/14 at Tressa’s Wishful Endings

4/12/14 at Jennifer Weiser

4/26/14 at Genuine Jenn

4/28/14 at Carolina Book Beat (audio)

4/29/14 at RealityLapse

5/1/14 at Stirring the Cauldron (audio)

5/21/14 at The Huffington Post

6/12/14 at Waibel’s World

8/12/14 at Tween2Teen Books

8/27/14 at Digital Book Today

10/24/14 at Nicky Peacock, Author

10/29/14 at WOW: Chasing the Crazies

12/2/14 at Judith Tewes Writes

12/12/14 at USA Today HEA

12/31/14 at Editor Charlene

2/4/15 at We Heart Writing

3/30/15 at On Writing and Riding

4/7/15 at Two Chicks on Books

4/10/15 at Nick’s Book Blog

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