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It’s time for another teaser Tuesday! Today, I’m sharing a What Happens Abroad, the last book in the Adventures Abroad series, coming June 16 from Bloomsbury Spark.

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I stared out at the city for a bit longer, letting my thoughts drift around, and an idea occurred to me. Glancing down at the street, I fought back a surge of vertigo. Instead, I looked at the wide windowsill. It looked big enough to hold me, but I didn’t want to just hoist myself up and topple over backward to the street. I dragged the nightstand under the window and used it to climb up, slowly, clutching the hinges of the shutters, until I was standing in the tall window. Still hanging on tightly, I looked out over the city, and I almost laughed.

It was like a whole different world stretched beneath me, waiting to be seen. The angle of the buildings I’d been looking at when I was standing on the floor of my room had shifted, and I felt a heady sense of power now that my eyes skimmed over the Duomo.

A few feet shouldn’t have made that much of a difference, but then again, it’s all about perspective. As an artist, you’d have thought I would have remembered that. A small smile spread across my face as I considered the possibilities spread out before me. Maybe the answer was waiting for me down in the streets of Florence.

Four countries.
Three girls.
Three loves.
One adventure abroad they’ll never forget.