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Happy Tuesday, y’all! We’re less than a month away from the release of the Adventures Abroad series, and I wanted to share one of my favorite scenes from What Happens in Berlin, the third title in this NA series. Enjoy!

WhatHappensInBerlin_FC_300DPI (2)

I unlocked the bathroom and rushed into the suite.   I hardly knew what I was doing as I riffled through the desk under the window, but when my fingers closed on a pair of thick scissors, I hesitated. What the hell are you doing? Are you seriously going to cut your own hair right before your brother’s wedding?

“Yes,” I said firmly to the empty room. Back in the bathroom, I held my hair into a tight ponytail and brought the scissors alongside my face. The cold blades felt like a warning against my skin, but before I could question myself, I opened the scissors and snipped.

A chunk of black hair fell into the sink, and I took a deep breath. Watching myself carefully in the mirror, I snipped my hair in sections. The trimmed ends brushed my jaw line, and I watched my face transform as I shed my hair. When I was done, I shook my head carefully, letting the hair settle around my face. It was wavier than it had been when it was long, and I thought I sort of looked like a flapper. Reaching into my mom’s toiletry bag, I pulled out her jar of pomade and scrunched some through my hair and faced the mirror again.

A stranger with bold eyes and a diamond chip in her nose stared back at me, and I grinned.

Four countries.
Three girls.
Three loves.
One adventure abroad they’ll never forget.