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Y’all, I’m so excited for today! It’s the release of GODS OF CHAOS, the second book in the Red Magic series, and I love, love, LOVE this story! If you haven’t already stumbled into DAUGHTER OF CHAOS, make sure you read that first! And remember to post a review once you’ve finished…I really hope you’ll enjoy this book! Get ready for more chaos, more crazy gods, and some new characters I absolutely adore…and, of course, more Darlena!


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The gods of chaos cannot be trusted. Since battling her best friend, Darlena’s grip on Red Magic has been shaky.  She heads to Scotland after the Winter Solstice in search of another Red Witch.   On a sightseeing excursion with girls from her hostel, Darlena arrives at The Vaults, a mysterious underground city beneath Edinburgh. But there is something there that make Darlena’s instincts go haywire, as she lets loose a defensive burst of Red Magic, putting everyone around her in danger. If there was ever a time when Darlena needed the help of another Red witch, it was now. But beware the witch who wields Red Magic.