writers on wednesday banner 2Welcome to another Writers on Wednesday! Today, my guest is Mary Waibel. Mary is the author of THE PRINCESS OF VALENDRIA series- a set of fractured fairytale fantasies- Quest of the Hart, Charmed Memories, and Different Kind of Knight from MuseItUpPublishing, and Faery Marked, book one of THE FAERY SERIES releasing Summer 2014 from BookFish Books. Enjoy getting to know her!

When did you start writing?

I started dabbling in my early twenties, but didn’t really take things seriously until about seven years ago.

Are you a pantser or a planner?

I’m a bit of both. I usually know where my story starts and ends, and the middle develops as I write. Therefore, when I edit, sometimes the story undergoes so many changes you’d never think the original draft was for the same book. Recently I’ve been working on a romantic comedy and titling the chapters and doing a brief summary of what will happen in that chapter. This is working well for me too, but I already know I’m going back to change a few things to make it work better 🙂

Can you give us an idea of your writing process?

I do a lot of pre-writing thinking- about the characters, about the world, about what POV I want to use (multiple, single, 1st person, 3rd). I look at pictures of people to get a feel for what my characters look like and then I write. I tend to be a linear drafter, writing from the first chapter to the last, but sometimes my brain skips ahead, and I’ll jot down notes (or write the chapter) so I don’t lose what I want to have happen. Once I have a draft done, I edit it, and edit it again, then I send it to my critique partners (CP’s) for their input. Then I edit more. If I’m submitting to a publisher, I prepare a query and synopsis, if I’m self-pubbing I write my back cover copy (which for me is kind of like writing a query). I have my CP’s look at these and then I submit or send to a hired editor.

Which authors have influenced your work?

Nora Roberts- I’m a huge fan of hers, and while I don’t write anything like her, her quotes about writing inspire me.

Jennifer Armentrout- I decided to try writing my FAERY series after reading her LUX series.

Lisa Shearin- Reading Lisa’s journey into the publishing world helped me realize I had the ability to pursue this dream as well.

What are you plans/future projects/new releases that we should be aware of?

My PRINCESS OF VALENDRIA series (QUEST OF THE HART, CHARMED MEMORIES, and DIFFERENT KIND OF KNIGHT) are currently available through MuseItUp Publishing and most major retailers (e-books only) These are stand alone companion novels with twists on fairy tales and other stories. There are some spoilers if you do read them out of order.

FAERY MARKED, the first book in my FAERY series, is releasing this summer from BookFish Books. It’s a YA Paranormal Romance with Fae and magic.

I’m also releasing THE MYSTERY PRINCE, a novella, this summer. A twist on Cinderella, this will be my first self-published title.

Any tips for new writers?

Keep writing. If you don’t write it, you can’t fix it.

Keep reading. You need to nourish your muse, and the best way is by reading. Read good stuff and bad, and analyze why you felt something was good or bad and use that knowledge in your own writing.

Enjoy the journey.

Any tips for old writers?

Don’t forget those who helped you on your journey, and be sure to pay it back to those coming behind you.


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