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writers on wednesday banner 2Today, Amy Evans dropped by to talk about Bob Ross, inspirations, and more. Enjoy!

When did you start writing?

Ten years ago, but I only began publishing novels last year.

Are you a pantser or a planner?

Both – I tend to write a very in depth outline for my first draft and then I double the word count with every pass, adding different elements each time.

Can you give us an idea of your writing process?

I compare it to the way Bob Ross paints. He starts with just a bit of a happy little tree. You can see it, and if it fits, and looks good there, he adds in a bunch more detail. He does this over and over again until the painting is filled with many trees, lots of color, light and balance. That what I try to do, but with plot, characters, and words.

Which authors have influenced your work?

Judy Blume, David Levithan, Nora Roberts

What are you plans/future projects/new releases that we should be aware of?

I have ECHOES, YA PMR / Fantasy the sequel to CLICKS – The Dolphin Prophecy Book 1 coming out June 16th. Clicks was nominated for best debut novel at the Utopya awards. I also put together a box set of books that inspire love for the ocean. I’m working with 10 other authors and the proceeds will go to The Ocean Project for World Oceans Day. That comes out in the beginning of June.

Any tips for new writers?

Write as much as you can, and finish projects. Write the ending of a book before you get caught up in how hard it might be. Even if you think it’s not the perfect ending in the whole world, just find a place to stop and be happy with it. And then keep going with the rest of the book.

Any tips for old writers?

Do one thing to change up your routine for your next book. I’m not sure – I think plenty of old writers might have more.


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