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William Karl Ritter is thirteen years old, sort of.

The son of a slain Philadelphia police detective, Will was a relatively normal 8th grader—until he started
seeing Corpses.  After that, running for his life from intelligent, animated cadavers who wished nothing more less to kill him, Will fell in with the Undertakers.  He’s since grown into a force to be reckoned with, a natural soldier with a talent for trouble.  Resourceful and often recklessly courageous, Will’s specialty is doing incredibly foolish things in the midst of dire circumstances and somehow making his brave but unwise actions work for him.

Will’s mother and little sister, Susan and Emily Ritter, recently joined the Undertakers as refuges from a Corpse attack.  Now they live in Haven, the Undertakers’ secret HQ, where their presence is both a comfort and a trial for him. Will and his mom often bump heads, mostly over the fact that, in the six months during which Will lived away from her, he evolved from a boy into a hero, something that Susan Ritter instinctively resists.

Will’s best friend is his roommate in Haven, the gigantic Dave “The Burgermeister” Burger.  He has also been harboring a clumsy crush on Helene Boettcher, the first Undertaker Will ever met, and a girl who has saved his life on more than one occasion.

Undertakers-3 cover

Title: Secret of the Corpse Eater (Undertakers 3

Publication Date: March 25, 2014

Publisher: Month9Books

Author: Ty Drago


The Corpses are up something.

U.S. Senator Lindsay Micha had been kidnapped and replaced with a “dead” ringer, the sister to Lilith Cavanaugh, the Queen of the Dead. Now Will Ritter must go undercover in our nation’s capital to ferret out the truth and try to stop this ambitious deader. But his mission becomes even more dangerous when he learns of a mysterious ten-legged monster that prowls the halls of the Capitol Building — a lethal monster with a taste for Corpse flesh.

Can such an alien “enemy of his enemy” truly become Will’s friend?

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ABOUT Ty Drago: Ty Drago

In addition to the first two books in UNDERTAKERS series, RISE OF THE CORSPES and QUEEN OF THE DEAD, Ty Drago is the author of PHOBOS, a Science Fiction whodunit and THE FRANKLIN AFFAIR, an historical/mystery about Benjamin Franklin. His short fiction has appeared in numerous venues, including the 2009 anthology YESTERDAY, I WILL …, and he has written articles for WRITERS DIGEST.  His first UNDERTAKERS novelette, NIGHT OF MONSTERS, is currently available for FREE on Smashwords.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Author Links:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads