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Today, Livia Blackburne joins me to talk about POISON DANCE, her newest release. Enjoy!

1.When did you start writing?

I did a lot of writing in high school, but I became too busy in

college, and finally took it up again halfway through grad school.

2. Are you a pantser or a planner?

I’m a planner. I’ve tried to pants, but then I get all freaked out

with the uncertainty and have to start planning again.

3. Can you give us an idea of your writing process?

I do a lot of pre-writing that includes sketching out rough scenes

really quickly using voice-recognition software, as well as writing

out character biographies and brainstorming. When have a rough idea of

where the entire story is going to go, maybe about half the scenes

have been really quickly drafted by then, I start from the beginning

and do a real first draft. I have a critique group that reads my

chapters as I write them. After that, it’s as many revisions as


4. Which authors have influenced your work?

Tamara Pierce is a big one. Also, I spent a lot of time analyzing

Kristin Cashore and Suzanne Collins.

5. What are you plans/future projects/new releases that we should be aware of?

My newest release is my novella Poison Dance, which is related to

Midnight Thief. And of course, Midnight Thief comes out in July.

6. Any tips for new writers?

Find critique partners that you trust. Don’t be afraid to get feedback

on your work.

7. Any tips for old writers?

Don’t forget to do regular stretches! Sitting for hours is bad for you!