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This week, I had the chance to give a talk about my writing journey at the community college where I teach, and it was thrilling and a little bit surreal.  I realized that I’ve treated my writing almost like my personal life where my teaching is concerned; I haven’t really talked about it to my colleagues, and I’ve tried to compartmentalize Teacher Jen and keep her separate from Writer Jen. The folks who turned up at the talk were warm, supportive, and totally surprised by my “double life.”

I think this will be another difference in moving from being a writer to being an author; now that my works are published, I need to start getting used to mentioning my writing and looking for in-person opportunities. For as much of a people person as I am, I realize I’ve gotten very virtual in my outreach and promotion, and I think it’s time to incorporate some face-to-face events, as well.

I’d already begun adding signings and events to my schedule for the coming months, but my presentation and the wonderful response to it have encouraged me to reach out even more. I’m contacting local high schools about setting up visits, and I’ve begun reaching out to bookstores and conference opportunities.

So, where will you find me this spring? 🙂

It’s going to be a busy few months, but I’m getting so excited! Will I be coming somewhere near you? Please drop by and give me a hug! You can always check my website for an updated schedule, and I hope to be posting even more events there for the summer month.

Also, check out the two conference on my schedule: A Rally of Writers and UtopYaCon. They’re both totally different and completely wonderful, and I’d highly recommend them to all of y’all who write!

I’m getting so excited. This feels like one more box to check on the list of “feeling like a professional”. Come play with me this spring: it’ll be magical chaos! 😉

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