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Is the cold, weird winter weather getting you down? Heat things up with this fun giveaway hop! I’ve teamed up with a bunch of other authors and bloggers for this fun, romantic hop. Everyone is giving away a little something, and all you have to do to enter is hop to our Facebook pages! Enter my Rafflecopter giveaway here! You could win an ISOBEL KEY swag pack, including this fun t-shirt:


Happy hopping! Here’s the list of participating authors.

Since the hop is about romance and swoon-worthy love stories, I thought I’d share a teaser from THE SECRET OF ISOBEL KEY.


Inky waves crested along the horizon, and in the dark, the sandy beach looked iridescent.  Brian had led them down to the water’s edge, which was far from deserted.  A bonfire was just getting started, and lots of people were clustered around, talking and laughing.  She felt relief wash over her, and couldn’t stop herself from saying, “I haven’t had a picnic in a long time.”

 “I hope you won’t be too cold.  We could always join those kids by the fire.”

Lou shook her head.  “I’m not cold, at least not yet, but I am starved.  Let’s eat!”

They sat down where they stood and dug into the pizza.   

“I’m sort of a pizza snob; we’ve got some amazing places in Boston.  But this is amazing!”

Brian laughed, shoving another slice in his mouth.  “I’ll say.  Best pizza in town.”

Lou licked her fingers and eyed the open box.  “Did you want to save any of that?”

“Eat all you like. Can’t have you going back to your friend and telling her I didn’t take care of you.”

For a minute, Lou hesitated.  “What do you mean?”

Brian handed her another slice of pizza.  “I promised your friend I’d be good to you.”

Her heart turned over.  “Why would you do that?”

He met her eyes, and Lou sucked in her breath.  Maybe it was just the fire, but Brian’s blue eyes glowed with intensity that made her shiver with anticipation.  “Because I really like you.”

Lou froze, speechless.  He did?

After a moment, Brian looked away and shrugged.  “And Tammy doesn’t seem like someone I want to cross.  That’s all.”

The fragile moment burst, and Lou silently cursed herself.  He’d told her he liked her, and she’d just stared at him like an idiot.  Smooth one, Lou.  Annoyed with herself, she shoved the slice of pizza into her mouth and chewed silently.  Just as she was working up the nerve to tell Brian that she really liked him, too, he stood up and brushed the sand off his pants.

“Want to take a walk before we head back?”  He extended his hand to her.

Lou nodded and tipped her head back.  “It’s really beautiful out here tonight.  I love that moon.”  It was almost full, and it hung over their heads, reflected in the black water.  She clasped Brian’s hand and got to her feet.  They started to walk slowly along the shoreline, wandering far from the kids and their fire.

The waves rolled along the shore, and the repetitive sound was vaguely hypnotic.  Lou felt some of the earlier tension fade away, and she smiled up at Brian.  “It’s so peaceful. I could stay here forever.”

  “I’m glad you like it.  This is my favorite spot in Scotland.”

Tentatively, Lou reached for his hand, and after a beat, Brian pulled her close, draping his arm around her shoulder.  The heat from his body made Lou’s pulse race, and she snuggled in under his arm.  “It’s perfect.  Thank you for bringing me here.”

Brian didn’t answer, but he pulled her close.  Lou wondered if he would try to kiss her, and she licked her lips nervously, but Brian just held her as the stared out at the water.  Pressed against his warm chest, she listened to the rhythmic sound of the waves rolling in, and over it, she could hear the steady thump of Brian’s heart.

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