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12 days of Scotland 2On the second day of Scotland, my true love gave to me…

two drams of Scotch,

and The Secret of Isobel Key!

No story about Scotland would be complete without a tip of the hat to this sharp, sassy Scottish whiskey.  Check out the smallest distillery in Scotland!

I’ve put together a character-inspired drink menu (including Scotch, of course) for your enjoyment!

The Quarter-Life Crisis: Lou’s drink
Vanilla Vodka
Butterscotch Schnapps
Bailey’s Irish Cream
Mix equal parts of each of the four ingredients.  Shake with ice, serve with a side of confusion.
The American Abroad (or the Americana Broad): Tammy’s drink
Coca Cola
Start with one shot of blended Scotch to one glass of soda.  Double the Scotch each time you mix the drink, and forget your inhibitions.  Guaranteed to help you live up to every stereotype!
The Highland Fling: Brian’s Drink
Cream Soda
Stir one shot of blended Scotch and one shot of brandy into a glass of cream soda.  Sip slowly with a straw, and wander through romantic fantasies in your mind.
Witch’s Brew: Isobel’s Drink
Cayenne Pepper

Mix three shots of Kahlua with a dollop of cream.  Add cayenne pepper for kick: you might believe you can fly after drinking this one!

This drink list first appeared at Lovely Reads on 11/30/12.

Remember to send me shots of ISOBEL “in the wild”; take a picture of the cover on your ereader wherever you’re going to stumble into this Scottish story and send it to me on Twitter, Facebook, or via email (jenmcconnel at live dot com). These pics will win you prizes later this week!

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