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Cassie Mae’s novel, How to Date a Nerd, is out this week, and to celebrate, she’s hosting an epic nerdy blog hop.

For the hop, Cassie just wants to know the nerdiest thing about you…er, me.

Well, I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours! Leave your nerdiest moment in the comments, and scoot over to Goodreads to check out NERD!


Without further ado, here’s the nerdiest thing about me:

I can pretty much recite the entire script for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and I come close on Lost Ark.

Yes. I am a total Indy fan.

My first email address and IM name (back in 8th grade) were actually both Indy-homages. I was Princess Indy (with some random numbers tacked on).

I’ve seen both Ark and Crusade on the big screen, and I wouldn’t say no for another opportunity.

My obsession was part crush (I mean, come on, who WASN’T in love with Indiana Jones?) and part career path.  For a long time (pretty much until we research careers in 8th grade and I realized what it would actually entail), I wanted to be a classical archaeologist, a modern Indiana Jones.

So now you know my deep nerdy secret. What’s yours?