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17787923Author: Rachel Schieffelbein
Book: Secondary Characters
Release date: 5/28/13

Book blurb: When Mabel’s best friend, Amber, drags her along on a double date she finds herself falling for Lance, the obnoxious class clown whom she swore she’d have no interest in. The only problem is, she’s not sure if she’s really the girl Lance is into, or if, like every other guy she knows, it’s really Amber he’s after. One thing is clear, if Mabel wants to be the lead in her own love story, she needs to start acting like it.

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Rachel Schieffelbein’s blog: http://rachelmarybean-writingonthewall.blogspot.com/

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Secondary Characters Excerpt:

I try really hard not to stare at Mabel’s profile during the movie so she doesn’t think I’m a psycho, but it isn’t easy. I love the curves of her face, the slope of her forehead, the way her nose turns up, the pout of her bottom lip.

I’m all tense and my heart is pounding like crazy. I think hers is, too. Unfortunately, I don’t think it has anything to do with me.

She looks totally freaked out. She seemed nervous when the movie first started, but now her eyes are wide and she’s biting her bottom lip. Her teeth dig into it to the point where I’m afraid it might actually start to bleed.

Every time she jumps I flinch a little. All I want to do is put my arm around her and let her bury her head into my chest and close her eyes. But I think putting my arm around her out of the blue might freak her out more than the movie is. So I just sit here like a jackass and do nothing.

Maybie jumps again, her hand flinging up to cover her mouth. She has a great mouth, wide with dark pink lips. Her hand flies back down to her arm rest. She’s gripping it so tight her knuckles are turning white. I resist the urge to pry her hands off the seat and hold them. Instead I try to come up with another idea.


17239207Author: Kelly Hashway
Book: Advantage Heartbreak (A Game. Set. Match. Heartbreak series #2)
Release date: 5/28/13

Book blurb: Seventeen-year-old Meg Flannigan thought she’d made up her mind about love. But with two guys still vying for her attention, she wonders if she made the right decision. Ash is everything she’s ever wanted in a boyfriend: loyal, loving, and totally hot. But then there’s Noah: fun, sexy, and the more he sticks around, the more Meg wants him there.

What’s a girl to do?

Make up her mind, before it’s too late. Gorgeous freshman Liz has set her sights on Ash, and Noah is beginning to remind Meg of her last boyfriend—the one who broke her heart. Can she figure things out before she ruins not one, but two relationships? Or is she doomed to serve up heartbreak?

Buy the book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Advantage-Heartbreak-Match-Heartbreak-ebook/dp/B00D0377P0

Kelly Hashway’s blog: http://kellyhashway.blogspot.com/
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Kelly Hashway on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Kelly-Hashway/e/B004B3W3CU/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1367902978&sr=1-2-ent
Advantage Heartbreak on Amazon
Advantage Heartbreak on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17239207-advantage

Advantage Heartbreak Excerpt

I freeze. Noah’s lips are moving in slow motion toward me. He’s giving me the chance to say no.

“Noah.” That’s all I can manage.

He pulls away. My head leans back against the wall, and I close my eyes. What am I doing? How is he able to make me feel so confused? My emotions are a jumbled mess right now. I look at him, begging for answers. “Why didn’t you kiss me?” I’m not complaining. I’m glad he didn’t do it. I just want to know why he didn’t do it.

“I told you. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. You wouldn’t have stopped me. I think you would’ve even kissed me back. But that’s not how I want to kiss you. I want you to want to kiss me.”

What if I do?


17970101Author: Stephanie Wardrop

Book: Charm and Consequence

Release date: May 28th, 2013

Book blurb:  One superior smirk from Michael Endicott convinces sixteen-year-old Georgia Barrett that the Devil wears Polo. His family may have founded the postcard-perfect New England town they live in, but Georgia’s not impressed. Even if he is smart, good looking, and can return Georgia’s barbs as deftly as he returns serves on his family’s tennis courts. After all, if Michael actually thinks she refuses to participate in lab dissections just to mess with his grade, he’s a little too sure that he’s the center of the universe. Could there be more to Michael Endicott than smirks and sarcasm? If Georgia can cut the snark long enough, she just might find out.

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Stephanie Wardrop’s Tumblr: http://stephaniewardrop.tumblr.com/

Stephanie Wardrop on Twitter: https://twitter.com/s_wardrop

Stephanie Wardrop on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6889365.Stephanie_Wardrop

Stephanie Wardrop on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StephanieWardropYaAuthor

Charm and Consequence Excerpt

I try to read and forget the major feats of hypocrisy I’ve witnessed in the last forty-eight hours, from tree-huggers eating meat to Michael blowing me off after winking at me to Alistair preaching against lust and leering at my sister’s ass. I also try to shrug off the ironic awareness that while Alistair Colwin is obviously a sexist dork, he is downstairs watching a morally unobjectionable movie with his girlfriend, while I am doing homework on a Friday night, reading Hamlet, in fact, just to ensure that the whole night is a laugh riot.

So which one of us is the dork, really?

I wonder what Michael is doing tonight that’s so much better than sitting in a dark movie theater with me and Tori and Trey. And where he gets off blowing me off and acting like he’s the most important and upright person at Longbourne High School when he’s only at LHS because he got kicked out of the Pemberley School for some reason. There’s much speculation about it, but maybe it’s no mystery after all; maybe he became so insufferable that even the snottiest prep school in New England bounced him out on his preppie little posterior.

Not that I think about Michael’s posterior, preppie or otherwise.

Or any other part of his anatomy.


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