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We’ve almost crossed the finish line of the A-Z Challenge…just a few more letters to go!  Today, X is for…

Xander from the Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie

If you haven’t read this breathless series yet, I hope you’ll pick it up today!  Set in a crumbling future world where life partners are chosen by the government, this series is a rich romance set against a dystopian background.  Xander is, in the first book, just the safe, known choice for Cassia.  They’ve grown up together, and when the Society matches them, Xander is quietly thrilled.  He’s loved Cassia for years, and now he’s been told that this devotion is okay.  But Cassia sets off on her own confusing journey, and Xander is left behind to find his own way.

As the series progresses, Xander forms his own opinions and desires, and what initially began as a bid to win Cassia back becomes a journey of self discovery.  I love that Xander is a character who evolves over the course of the series, and by the end, he is so much more than the safe boy next door.

Who is your favorite secondary character in a book?