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Make sure you check out the other amazing A-Z Challenge participants to see what kind of trouble they are getting into this week.  Today, I’m spotlighting the letter V with a pretty fabulous character:

Violet Eden from Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

I had the chance to read this series when I was reviewing for VOYA, and it blew me away.  Violet doesn’t want a big fuss on her seventeenth birthday, and you can’t really blame her; that’s the anniversary of her mom’s death.  But no matter what Violet was dreading, her reality when she turns 17 is so much worse.

Linc, the guy she’s been crushing on, turns out to be half angel and half human, and so, he tells her, is she.  Violet is plunged into a mythic world where the stakes are high and the rules ancient, and she struggles with her new reality.  She can choose to embrace her angelic ancestry, or deny it and lose all contact with this new world…and Linc…forever.

This book has one of my favorite covers (the American edition).  What are some of your favorite book covers?