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Welcome to another A-Z Challenge Saturday!  Make sure you check out the other A-Z Bloggers.

Today, we’re up to the letter R, which is for…

Rayna from A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa M. Basso

Written by my Month9Books pub sister, A Shimmer of Angels is an awesome new YA paranormal with a flawed heroine I adore.

Rayna has been locked up for three years because of her hallucinations.  She’s finally back at home, trying desperately to be normal, when the visions return.  Even though she’s seeing angels again, Rayna refuses to go back to the mental institution that had been her prison, and with a thin grasp on sanity, she begins to wonder if maybe the angels are really there.

Rayna is stubborn, loyal, and fragile, making her a delightful pawn for otherworldly forces.  But who are the good angels, and who are the bad angels?  I love this character for a number of reasons, but mainly I adore how her carefully constructed facade of normalcy cracks to reveal a funny, powerful, quirky girl…who just happens to see angels.

Which story of angels and demons is your favorite?