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This month for the A-Z Challenge, I’m spotlighting some of my favorite YA/MG characters.  Make sure you check out the other challenge participants!  Today, Q is for…

Queen Elizabeth from The Stolen One by Suzanne Crowley

I’m always looking for new Tudor tales, and Crowley’s novel is a great read for any historical fiction fans.  The protagonist, a young girl named Kat, finds herself at the center of court intrigue.  There’s a possibility that she’s Queen Elizabeth’s illegitimate daughter, so the Queen has the role of one of the antagonists in this story.

Queen Elizabeth is passing middle age, and her beauty has long since started to deteriorate.  She’s still a powerful woman, and she rules England with a tight grip, but when she’s faced with the beautiful, fiery Kat, Elizabeth’s composure slips.  Despite their age difference, the queen is instantly jealous of the young girl, and singles her out among the courtiers to be the victim of the queen’s sharp tongue.  Readers won’t necessarily like this version of Queen Elizabeth, but I found her sinister, powerful, and enticing.

Do you have any favorite Tudor tales (YA or adult)?