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Welcome to week 3 of the A-Z Challenge!  Make sure you check out what the other bloggers are doing this week.  Today, I’m featuring…

Matt from The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

If you haven’t read this AMAZING book, I hope you’ll pick it up.  Matt, the central character of this futuristic sci-fi novel, is treated like an animal.  He’s caged, he’s abused, and he’s verbally berated, and eventually, he finds out why: Matt is a clone of El Patron, a terrifying and powerful drug lord.  El Patron keeps Matt around in case of emergency, planning to harvest any necessary organs from his clone if his own life is ever in danger.

But Matt refuses to be a silent science experiment, and his bravery propels him away from the farm and into a dangerous adventure.  His story is an intense, heart-stopping thrill from start to finish, and Nancy Farmer has announced a sequel coming this fall!

Which Sci-Fi tales do you love?