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Today, the letter I is brought to you by…

Ichabod Crane, from Washington Irving’s short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Ichabod is new in town; the Connecticut schoolmaster has come to a quiet settlement in New York to improve his fortunes.  His gangly appearance and superstitious nature make him something of an oddity in the town, but that doesn’t deter Ichabod.  He sets his sights on the daughter of a wealthy landowner, and tries to win her hand from her favored suitor, Bram Bones.  There might be something supernatural at work, or perhaps Ichabod is just a coward, but he’s gone by the end of the story.

As a former English major, I’m rather ashamed to admit that my deepest understanding of this classic short story comes not from Irving, but from Disney.

Which classic characters have you met because of retellings?