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We made it through the first week of the challenge!  Phew!  It’s been a blast so far, and I hope you’re enjoying my alphabetical exploration of some of my favorite YA and MG characters.  Today, F is for…

Nicholas Flamel from The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

Lots of authors have played with Flamel, who was a fifteenth century bookseller (and who had been immortalized by the seventeenth century as a powerful alchemist).  This version of Flamel builds on the legend of alchemy; Flamel and his wife have been alive for centuries, keeping watch over a precious secret.  When their enemies catch up to them, they must rely on two kids, brother and sister Sophie and Josh, to keep the Philosopher’s Stone safe and to race against the forces of evil.

Flamel is a mysterious character, and the reader knows he’s holding information back at crucial moments, but he’s hard to hate.  With the wisdom of the ages, Flamel makes a perfect “guide” figure to help Sophie and Josh along on their unexpected quest. (If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I deeply respect the works of Joseph Campbell, and I tend to see the world in terms of the Hero’s Journey.  Flamel fits the model perfectly!)

Which historical figure turned fiction character is your favorite?