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For someone who claims not to be a big horror fan, I’m spotlighting two horror tales back to back.  Even though the Character I’m talking about today isn’t from a YA novel, he’s one of my favorites in general.  For today’s A-Z challenge, I’m happy to bring you…

Dracula, from Dracula by Bram Stoker.

Even as an English major in college, I didn’t get around to reading Dracula until a couple of years ago, but now this book has become one of my annual re-reads at Halloween.

I honestly can’t think of a creepier character than Count Dracula.  First, he’s a vampire, but he’s THE vampire; this novel collected and popularized many of the vampire myths that we take for granted.  Dracula is impeccably charming, incredibly educated, and handsome in that older man with lots of money kind of way.  He can turn into fog, or a bat, or a dog, and he appears unstoppable.

What’s not to love?

Who’s your favorite classic character?