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Thanks for coming back for more of the 2013 A-Z Challenge!  I’m tracing my way through the alphabet this month highlighting some of my favorite characters from YA and MG literature.

I’m pleased to present the letter B, brought to you by…

Brimstone from Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

Brimstone is a Chimaera.  Visually, he looks like…well, like some kind of demonic creature.  He’s got horns, and his assistants (also Chimaera) range from a snake-woman to a large bird with far too much intelligence.  He should be a frightening, monstrous creature, and yet when the book opens, we learn that he has tenderly raised Karou, the tale’s heroine, from birth.  She doesn’t seem to mind being surrounded by monsters…

Despite his outward appearance, Brimstone is a quiet, gentle soul, even though his life’s work demands pain; Brimstone is a resurrectionist. Through pain (and teeth) he is able to create new bodies for the murdered Chimaera.

Brimstone may look like a monster, but he is one of the sweetest father-figures I’ve ever read.  Be prepared to have your preconceptions shattered once you step into the world of Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

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Which characters have you met who are more than they seem?