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jen in scotland 016Welcome back to another Scottish Sunday!

Scotland isn’t generally know for its wildlife, but if you think for a minute, all the animals we associate with Scotland are actually livestock.  Sheep, hairy highland cows, and, of course, the charming Shetland Ponies spring to mind.  Aren’t they adorable?!  Watch out, though; these cute, petite ponies pack quite a punch.  My mom had one growing up, and it was a nippy little thing with a lot of attitude.

It looks like the Visit Scotland folks have devised a campaign with dressed up ponies and the Twitter hashtag #naturalscotland as a quirky advertising strategy.  The ponies are even designated as ambassadors!  Charming, quirky, and a bit odd…and yet, I sort of want to go see these fancy ponies, don’t you?

Using the ponies as part of a tourism campaign may seem a bit strange, but then again, this is the country that lists the unicorn as the national animal.  No one can ever say the Scots aren’t creative!

What animal do you associate with Scotland?