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Welcome back to another Scottish Sunday!  Sorry for the short break I took the last couple of weeks, but thanks for returning!

Today I want to talk about the iconic bagpipes.

Although most people think of Scotland when they think of bagpipes, the instrument may have actually originated in either Rome or the Middle East.  They may have hit Ireland first, but once the instrument made it to Scotland, the wailing sound became a huge hit.

The pipes are used for funerals (“Amazing Grace” is the favorite song for such an occasion), and to lend authority to formal ceremonies.

My younger brother (who composed the music for the book trailer for The Burning of Isobel Key) actually got grounded over bagpipes.  When he was in high school, he ordered a set online, didn’t tell my mom, and holed up in the band room practicing during school.  The mournful pipes were so loud that he didn’t hear the bell ring and missed one of his classes. (Hence the grounding).

What do you think of bagpipes?