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Originally posted at Crafting Magic on 11/23/12


“As the shoppers rush home with their treasures…”

Do you prefer to shop for your reading material online or in person?  I’ll admit, I’m torn.  It’s fun to just point the mouse and click a few buttons, and then wait and watch the mail (or, better yet, turn on my Kindle and see the book appear).  But I also adore wandering through bookstores, touching spines and fantasizing about how many books I can fit on my already overstuffed shelves.

With the holiday season swinging into full gear, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for all the wonderful people in your tribe.  My favorite gift to give?  You guessed it: books!

Here are some shopping suggestions for everyone on your list.

For your mother: Look for authors like Diana Gabaldon, Phillipa Gregory, and Joshilyn Jackson.  She’ll get sucked into stories of love, loss, and historical splendor (not to mention the sexy romance of Gabaldon and Gregory may be just what Mom wants to read!)

For your father: Think action, adventure, and heroism.  Introduce Dad to Dan Brown or other edgy thrillers and keep him on the edge of his recliner!

For your grandmother: Janet Evanovich.  Enough said.

For your grandfather: In my experience, sharp, witty biographies and memoirs are a hit with Grandpa: A Twist of Lemmon  by Chris Lemmon was a big hist in my family.  Browse the new nonfiction section at your local bookstore for ideas.

For your children/nieces/nephews (under 12): There are so many excellent children’s books out there, but I love getting kids started on a series: this ensures hours of reading as they work their way through all the books.  Some great (long) series: Magic Tree House, American Chillers, Nancy Drew (yes, still around!), and, of course, Harry Potter.

For your children/nieces/nephews (12-18): Again, there are too many amazing YA novels hitting the shelves each week to provide a comprehensive list, but here are some favorites (of mine and of the students I used to teach): The Hunger Games trilogy, The Goddess Test trilogy, the Percy Jackson books, the Divergent trilogy, and anything by Sarah Dessen.

For your best friend: Whatever book you just finished reading: friends love recommendations, even if you aren’t sure of their reading tastes.  Books that have made the rounds among my besties? Eat, Pray, Love, The Happiness Project, and American Gods.

For your lover: there are countless erotica titles out there, but if you want something a bit sweeter (and more able to be read in public) try to buy a book that relates to your partner’s interests and hobbies.  If they have an Amazon Wish-List or a Goodreads “To-read” shelf, check that out and buy something from the heart.

The bottom line?  There are enough books out there to please everyone on your holiday list!  So as you brave the crowds this season, make a stop at your local bookstore and stock up.

If you have any fans of historical fiction, romance, and mystery on your list, why not give them a signed copy of The Burning of Isobel Key?  Contact me at jenmcconnel (at) live (dot) com for information of a FREE personalized bookplate.