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Welcome back to another week of Scottish Sundays!  I was going to talk about the mythical Giant’s Causeway this week, but then I came across this new article, and I had to tell you a little bit about St. Andrews.

Jen McConnel, 2007


I think it’s so cool that this beautiful old city is still very beloved and very much alive.  William and Kate met at the University there (the oldest university in Scotland, by the way), and it isn’t just their love story that began there:

Brian and Lou started to fall in love in St. Andrews, too.

Excerpt from The Burning of Isobel Key:

Brian glanced at Lou.  He had been having a difficult time focusing on the ancient parish records that he was looking through; his eyes kept straying to her face.  She was so intent on her own research that he could watch her, unnoticed, as he had been for the last hour.  Brian sighed, and Lou lifted her eyes to meet his.

“This is kind of tedious, isn’t it?”  She said.  Brian started to protest, but Lou continued.  “I really appreciate that you offered to help me with this, but you must be so bored.  If you want to call it a day, we can still meet up for dinner at seven.” She tried to sound confident and relaxed, but her heart was sinking.

Brian slid down the bench until his left shoulder was almost touching her right, and Lou held her breath.  “I don’t want to leave.” He spoke softly, and the warmth from his breath tickled Lou’s cheek.  He continued, “I like helping you with this.  And it isn’t just the research project, Louisa.  I simply–” he paused, and her heart stopped for an instant, “I simply want to spend as much time with you as I possibly can.”  Lou exhaled loudly and turned her head to meet his intense gaze.

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St. Andrews is a city that could easily fill two or three blog posts, so I’ll revisit the town later.  But it is, without a doubt, a place that breeds romance.  My husband and I almost eloped when we were there, but that’s a story for another time.  I hope you’ll join me again next week for another glimpse at the beautiful places in Scotland.