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Welcome back to another installment of Scottish Sundays.   You can’t write about (or talk about, or even think about) Scotland without acknowledging the favorite drink, Whisky.  In The Burning of Isobel Key, a creepy old woman describes this sharp liquor as something that can light a fire in the belly.

“Rather than spoil their lunch, however, she pushed her thoughts away and reached for the amber liquid the little woman had placed before them, unordered.  Tammy was already sipping at hers happily, smacking her lips like a satisfied cat, and Lou figured she had nothing to lose.  Maybe “starting a fire in her belly” would help her to cope with the awful weather outside.” -pg. 31

I have a slightly different assessment of this famous Scottish drink.

The first time I tasted whisky was in a dark pub in Edinburgh.  My husband enthusiastically ordered a glass for me, and watched me for my reaction.  He loves whisky, and he was sure that I would, too.

This is what popped out of my mouth after that first sip: “It’s like butterscotch with knives!”

While I’ve never developed a taste for whisky, I still love the scent: rich with caramel, thick with peat, smoky with fire: whisky smells divine.  I just can’t get past the stabbing taste!

Stay warm and well (with maybe a wee dram to fight off the chill!)  Next week, I go in search of the Loch Ness monster.


What do you think of whisky?  Are you a connoisseur?  What’s your favorite brand?