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Photo by Matthew McConnel

Welcome back!  Thanks for joining me for another installment of Scottish Sundays.  Today I’ll be talking a little bit about the city of Edinburgh, one of the places Lou visits in The Burning of Isobel Key.

There are some places on earth where time stands still.  At first, Edinburgh feels like it is one of them.  It’s easy to imagine you are walking the cobblestone streets of centuries past as you snake around the city.  But then the modern character of the city intrudes on the illusion.  It’s a city of contradictions living comfortably: pubs tucked in beside Asian take-out, Castles with double-decker buses parked in front.

There’s something for every traveler to enjoy in Edinburgh.  The entire city is classed as a World Heritage Site, but even those folks without a passion for history will feel right at home.

Edinburgh is known the world over for its festivals, the most famous of which is probably the Edinburgh Fringe.  Every summer, street performers from all over the world descend on Edinburgh, turning the city into a rollicking carnival.

In addition to the festivals and tourist attractions, one of the top ranked universities in the UK makes it home there: the University of Edinburgh.  Scholars, pub crawlers, history buffs, and artists will feel welcomed by this quirky city.

When I was in Scotland, I’m sad to say I barely spent any time in Edinburgh.  I did, however, have my first true pub meal there, and my first sip of whisky.  More on that next week.

Have you been to Edinburgh?  What was your favorite part of this unique city?   If you haven’t been, what parts of the city are you most looking forward to exploring?