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Squee!  In just two days, I will go on tour to celebrate the release of my debut novel.  It’s already available for purchase in both E-book and paperback formats.  I wanted to give you a sneak peak at the reading guide (printed in the paperback version.)  Also, remember to check out the official website for information about purchasing the book, signings, and other events.

Reading Guide

The Burning of Isobel Key

  1. Why does Lou quit her job?
  2. Describe Lou and Tammy.  How are they similar?  How are they different?  What is unique about their friendship?
  3. What does Lou think of Scotland at first?  Do her impressions change over the course of the book?  How?
  4. When Isobel is growing up, what does she learn from her parents?
  5. Who is Alexander Nairn, and how does he transform Isobel’s life?
  6. Why is Lou interested in the tales of witches in Scotland?
  7. How does Lou’s faith evolve while she is in Scotland?  Does it get stronger or weaker?
  8. How does Lou change while she is in Scotland?
  9. What happened to Isobel Key?
  10. Why did people so easily believe in accusations of witchcraft in the seventeenth century?
  11. What makes the case in this book different?
  12. Does Lou’s faith or heritage connect her more with Isobel Key?  Explain.
  13. Would you ever travel to Scotland?
  14. Do you think Lou will return to Scotland?
  15. What do you think will happen with Lou and Brian after the story ends?