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If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know that I love all things Egypt.  What does Seattle have to do with Egypt, you ask?

There’s a wonderful exhibit on Egypt in general and Tut specifically at the Pacific Science Center right now, and when hubby and I were on vacation earlier this month, his aunt took us to the museum.

If you get a chance to go, I highly recommend the IMAX film on mummies: lots of good information, plus they make a modern mummy, which is really cool (if a little creepy).

Other highlights:

The gold.  While there isn’t much, the pieces that are on display are phenomenal.  Some beautiful jewelry, and a funerary mask for a Pharaoh I’d never heard of, Psusennes I.

The sculptures.  This exhibit may not have a lot of gold, but it does have a lot of really fine examples of three dimensional Egyptian artwork spanning multiple dynasties.  I was entranced by most of it.

The layout.  Everything is well-lit, creatively arranged, and organized so that the visitor isn’t overwhelmed.  I’ve been to my share of poorly-designed museums (the worst actually being the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which one tour book describes as “grandma’s attic”), but this exhibit was easy on the eyes and very enjoyable.

Photos.  Most museums are a bit touchy about pictures, but this exhibit was open for personal photography as long as you a) didn’t use the flash, and b) didn’t pose with the artifacts.  Those are rules I can abide by!

The gift shop.  It wasn’t ’til we reached the gift shop that I realized that the Egyptian Museum in Cairo had provided intense collaboration on this exhibit.  Yay national treasures being cared for by the nation that created them (and, well, I just have a huge soft spot for the country of Egypt, and I was more than happy to load up on official “made in Egypt” souvenirs, even though I was just there two years ago.  Hopefully MOST of the money makes it back!)

So what are you waiting for?  If you are west-coast bound, the exhibit is up until January of 2013.

What’s your favorite museum?  Where is it located, and why do you love it?