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I’m so thankful that my husband grew up in Oregon: otherwise, I never would have discovered how cool the northwest is.

Whenever we’re out there visiting family, we have a few things that we ALWAYS try to do, like visiting Portland, going to a Moonstruck Cafe, and hitting a new (to us) winery to see what’s on offer.

This year, we had the chance to go to the Portland Zoo.  Now, I haven’t been to a zoo since I was a kid, partly because I wasn’t sure how my empathetic adult self would feel about seeing animals out of their natural habitat.  I know, I know: zoos aid in preservation and species re-population, and they are wonderful educational resources, but still, not my ideal.

But mostly, I enjoyed the Portland Zoo. (except the elephants: please give them toys so they aren’t so miserably bored!)

Some highlights:

  • Spotting Laini Taylor.  No, I didn’t ask for an autograph, but it was still SO COOL to see her there.
  • The otters.  Oh. My. Gosh.  So cute!
  • The very sleepy bobcat.

But the coolest part?  The African Predators section, where I fell in love with a lioness and watched a cheetah try to eat a small child through the glass. 

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What about you?  Favorite zoo memories as a child (or an adult)?  And what do you think about zoos in general?